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Job description

Tl;dr ReadTheory, a bootstrapped EdTech company with 1 million active students, is looking for an experienced Sales Lead to help us grow our operation to new heights.

ReadTheory is a bootstrapped EdTech company that teaches reading comprehension to millions of students around the world.

Our company is where Makers meet Educators, combining an energetic, indie-hacker atmosphere with a do-good mission of educating students and improving English literacy.

We are looking for an experienced Sales Lead to join our growing team, take on a broad set of responsibilities, and lead our transition toward school and district sales.

Why is this a great position?

ReadTheory has a truly unique story. We grew from 0 to one million active monthly users, with absolutely no marketing – one teacher telling another, telling another!

As we mature, we’re looking for someone to take over all sales aspects, lay the infrastructure for building out a sales team, and be our main touchpoint for bringing on new schools and districts.

Once hired, you would be working side-by-side with the managing partners of the company, leading ReadTheory’s sales efforts.

Whom are we looking for?

The ideal candidate for this sales role is someone who takes initiative and is able to find creative solutions when required. They should be a people’s person, able to build relationships easily and effectively communicate with clients.

This person should be a hard worker, driven to succeed and consistently go above and beyond expectations. They should also be comfortable working independently, taking ownership of their work and managing their time and resources effectively.


  1. Help build out ReadTheory’s sales strategy
  2. Streamline our sales infrastructure and optimize the funnel
  3. Manage both the inbound and outbound sales funnels
  4. Build out and train additional salespeople
  5. Communicate with the marketing and product team to create a seamless sales process end to end
  6. Report to ReadTheory’s management team


  1. 5+ years of experience in sales
  2. Flawless English
  3. Experience in sales from other education companies (advantage)
  4. Experience in building sales infrastructure (advantage)

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