Vision X offers 5,5 year warranty

Vision X offers 5.5 years function warranty on almost all LED lights!

Vision X offers the best function warranty in the business! With incredible 5.5 years function warranty Vision X takes full responsibility for the products to help ensure a safe investment.

Vision X manufactures the highest quality products with the latest technology. Each component is carefully selected, carefully designed and the quality control is extremely accurate to make sure the light will continue to work year after year, even in the most exposed applications. However despite this, we cannot guarantee hundred percent that something won´t affect the light. What we can guarantee is that the customer will receive first class assistance to resolve any defects with the least negative impact. Therefore Vision X offers the 5.5-year function warranty on almost all its LED lighting (VL-series is covered by 2 years function warranty). This means, if one or more diodes are not working properly during the 5.5 – 2 years from purchase we will exchange the product to a new one. 5.5 years are approximately 50 000 burning hours.

This function warranty is valid as long as the product has not been subjected to extreme external impact that can affect the lifetime of the diode or if the cable and connector from the light has been cut, spliced or tampered with. All Vision X products are sealed against moisture in the cable and connector that goes out from the light. If the cord or connector is damaged, altered or cut, moisture can be “sucked” into the cable and thus destroy the light.

Do you have a light with a purchase date after 2015-01-01 the 5.5 or 2-year function warranty is valid. If one or more diodes goes out or dims, please contact us. If the light meets the function warranty requirements, we will replace the light as soon as possible with a new or equivalent product.