Why Vision X

Today there are a variety of different LED lights in all different price ranges to choose from on the market. Why should you choose Vision X? Vision X is not the cheapest option when scanning the market, but then one only think short term and only on the initial purchase price. Look at Vision X as an investment in the future with a stable supplier that stands behind its products 100%, including 5.5 years function warranty.

Here are other benefits as why to buy Vision X:

  • Diodes/Watt
    Vision X is one of diode manufacturers’ priority customers and therefore gets access and opportunity to purchase the best diodes with the highest BIN numbers, which ensures high quality. Vision X only uses the very latest diodes with the highest possible efficiency. The range includes diodes from a single watt up to 120 watt’s diodes. The diodes are never driven harder than 90% of full power to ensure as long lifespan as possible.
  • Prime Drive
    An LED lamps worst enemy is heat. High temperature reduces the diodes lifetime, brightness and color temperature considerably. With the unique Vision X Prime Drive technology it keeps the temperature at levels that will not damage the diode. The electronic monitoring (ETM) detects the diode temperature and as soon as it reaches a critical limit it´s activating a pulsing LED (PWM) which lowers the temperature. This system has proved to be superior and ensures that the diodes lifetimes can be guaranteed.
  • Lamp house
    To high temperatures injures the diode. Therefore it is particularly important that the lamp housing is designed in the right way, with the right amount of aluminum heatsinks and cooling channels. All to keep down the heat development as much as possible. If not enough material is used in the lamp housing or the heatsinks, the diodes lifespan lowers drastically. Today, Vision X are using the 6061 aluminum in their houses but also so-called hybrid house where both aluminum and composite are mixed for weight-saving reasons.
  • IP-classification
    IP rating tells you how dense the light is against particles and water. Many outdoor products often have IP-66 or IP-67 rating. This is often sufficient for most products. Vision X increases, however, the bar properly and has IP-68 or IP-69K rating, which is the highest possible. IP-69K means that the product not only is able to be lowered down to 3 meters of water, but also capable of high-pressure hot water. This is possible due to the Vision X unique sealing not only in the lamp but also the cable that goes into the light. Therefore may the cable that goes into the lamp, never to be cut or spliced.
  • Reflectors/light images
    Vision X is at the forefront of design and technology. With today’s efficient diodes, reflectors and technology, it is possible to illuminate over 1 000 meters away with one LED lamp while another LED lamp illuminates 500 meters wide. Today there is no other lighting technology that can beat the LED in efficiency. With Vision X different lenses and optics it is possible to control the light, according to requirements and application. Vision X lights are ranging from a 5 degree beam up to 120 degree spread.
  • EMC classification
    LED lighting gives of interference when the diodes are controlled by electronics. Vision X knows how to control and minimize interference from an LED lamp. With the Vision X technology it is possible to minimize disruption so much that we are supplying LED lighting to the defenses radio cars that are extremely sensitive to interference. Since we reach the highest military radio interference classification, which is significantly higher than the highest civilian EMC classification, we won´t have problems with interference on the radio while driving using Vision X.
  • Protective caps/lenses
    Vision X uses polycarbonate lenses which are virtually unbreakable. Polycarbonate lenses withstand both stone and dubbed shots. Despite this, there are additional protective covers to many Vision X lights. Protective covers are available in various colors which changes the color temperature. Protective caps are also available in different light images which increase the application range of your Vision X lights further. For fog, for example, installing a yellow protective cap will scatter the light more for optimum light at every opportunity.
  • Multi volts
    Vision X has the so-called multi volt lights that can be switched on anywhere between 9-32V or 11-65V which is convenient and makes it possible to mount the lamp on most applications without having to think about the voltage. To achieve maximum EMC classification (military standard), however, requires that the lamp is made of a “straight” voltage such as 12V or 24V. Therefore, Vision X also have LEDs with straight voltage in the range. On some of the Vision X most powerful LED ramps we only stock straight voltage to minimize radio interference.

These are just some of the benefits with Vision X lights.
Contact us or our retailers if you wish to get more information about the lighting or want help with the right lighting for your application as there are over 1000 part numbers to choose from.

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