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Fail to arrange space in your future cottage or house? With Planner 5D, you can design a house online from the ground and create an interior, where every family member feels comfortable and cozy. Draw a plan, furnish space, and select materials with a click.
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There is nothing more exciting than planning and creating your own home – whether it is a small flat somewhere in the city or a big house for the whole family. Creativity is limitless, and nothing should stand in the way of your imagination. That is why we created Planner 5D – a super tool for sketching your future home.

Planner 5D is an easy-to-use home design software for model building that will help you correctly arrange all the elements you need for your home. Try different textures, furniture, and design ideas within one program, play with colors and floor plans – everything is possible with Planner 5D. Create a layout and work with it wherever you want – at home from your PC, at work via a tablet, or via a smartphone app on the go.


How Does Designing
Software Work?

Interior designers mostly use complex home design software that requires some knowledge in the area. However, there are many planners that require nothing but a stable Internet connection. All you need to do is go directly to the website or download the app and design the interior space of your home. Let’s walk through the process step by step.

Create A Floor Plan

Every house should have a proper floor layout. Planner 5D makes that look easy – click and drag your cursor to create a wall, then add doors, windows, and stairs. Don’t be afraid to miscalculate the length or height – our home design software has special built-in measurement tools that will help you to do everything right.

Play With Furniture And Textures

Our vast product library allows you to choose from hundreds of ceiling, floor, and wall options – you can mix textures, play with different interior colors, and combine various styles of furniture. You can go on with some ready-made decisions, or create a unique home design that reflects your character. Decorate your home however you like using tools in Planner5D.

Visualize Your
Home Via 3D-Layout

Planner5D will turn your idea for perfect home design into a beautiful and realistic 3D model of a house. Use the HD render function to see the finished project with shadows, lighting, and reflections.


Create Your
Dream Home Easily

When planning a repair or before freshening up the interior of your apartment, you need to get an understanding of what your home will look like when it’s done. It’s not easy to think through all the aspects and details. That's why there is home design software like Planner 5D, for modeling the interior in 2D or 3D. For inexperienced users, there is a built-in hint system, so it will be easy to create your first project even with zero experience.

Choose from different items:

Vast galleries of decor and textures, together with an infinite number of options for the layout of the room, will be an irreplaceable tool for visualizing any space. Moreover, unlike professional 3D design software that is expensive and works only on PCs, online software is absolutely free and available on any device. Try various furniture options, choose between wooden and ceramic floors, paint walls, and ceilings with your fingertips – every step in planning a house is easy with Planner 5D.


Why should you use
Planner5D Design Software?

With Planner 5D, you can design a detailed room plan without any architectural or engineering skills. Our tool contains the most extensive database of templates, which adds designer furniture and unusual color and material options in addition to standard attributes. In Planner 5D, it is possible not only to create indoor interiors, but also draw the external part of the house, and even create a landscape design.

We provide high-quality design software created for everyone. If you have any questions when considering Planner 5D, there is always a customer support service available. There is an application for tablets and smartphones, operating both on iOS and Android, with full content synchronization. If you prefer to work on your PC, you can download Planner 5D from the Mac App Store.

More features of Planner 5D include


Visualize your ideas via HD render function.

Dynamic environment

Plant flowers and trees outside of your house, create exterior designs and reshape the landscape.


Switching between blueprints, 2D and 3D modes easily.

Ease of use

Use ready-made templates to get some inspiration.

All you need

Enjoy the user-friendly interface with build-in hints.

Interested in Planner5D?

Don't hesitate and join huge community of designers!


What our users say about us?

The app is awesome and works so good but the only thing i do not like is having only 3 floors per building. I would add an option to build more floors in the projects.


Fun, if you love to design your own house you can literally customize éverything!


Really great app. I use it regularly to redo plans of existing houses or create new plans. I suddenly invested! I am waiting to see if other staircases and interior barriers will be added. These are the only things that bother me a bit at the moment.


After two days of using the free version I decided to buy the full version and it is amazing, easy to use and many tutorials to use.


I have been using the general application for 2 years already, and I think I can leave a full review. Generally speaking, this application is even professional in a way, it’s a very realistic picture, especially when you buy HD pictures, photos of the finished project are simply realistic and beautiful. As an aspiring interior designer, I can say that this application is great for starting to study, train and even then earn money. I have already done many projects on this application, and the projects turned out to be simply chic and realistic. Furniture and textures, as I noticed, are constantly being added, it is clear that the developers are trying. I hope that this application will always work well, and the developer will always update and add a new function ...

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Frequently asked questions

Is this software free, or do I have to pay for it?
Planner 5D is free for any user! The only case in which you need to pay is if you want to get full access to our catalog.
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I’m afraid I’m not qualified enough to do home designs, will Planner 5D be of use to me?
Of course! Our software is created to be helpful, even for those who have zero experience in home design. Planner 5D is intuitive and easy to use.
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Is there a mobile or tablet app for Planner 5D?
Yes, there is! You can download it from Google Play Store or AppStore.
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If I create a project on my phone, will I be able to continue to work with it on my PC?
You can see all the projects created on your mobile phone when you log in with the same account on your PC.
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Where do I begin designing my house?
Well, there are some options. You can start by visiting our gallery of templates to get some inspiration, or you can create a blueprint with a room plan and think about textures later.
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Have any more questions? Don't hesitate.

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